12 April, 2020. Cosmonautics Day!

8 March, 2020. Happy International Women's Day March 8!

6 March, 2020. Giprosintez at ‘Modern City. Stroyexpo 2020’

Last week, Giprosintez took part in Stroyexpo exhibition held in Ufa in the context of the cross-regional forum Modern City 2020.

Giprosintez’ delegates participated in a number of events, for instance, the conference ‘Pressing Issues of Russia’s Building Industry’, and some industrial safety workshops. Of particular interest for Giprosintez’ representatives were the showcases that concerned engineering design, industrial facility building, innovative construction materials and technologies, energy-saving materials and technologies, power supply, gas supply, water supply, and urban landscaping.

We are continuously committed to keeping up-to-date with the most recent trends in order to enhance the quality of our services.

23 February, 2020. Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day!

10 February, 2020. QMS Conformity Assessment Passed

Giprosintez Design Institute has had its quality management system, ecological management system, and health & safety system checked and approved by the conformity assessment inspection.

The resulting conformity assessment certificate confirms compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015), GOST R ISO 14001-2016 (ISO 14001:2016), and GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007) in the scope of design documentation development, engineering studies affecting safety of permanent works, including extremely hazardous and technically advanced facilities, construction, renovation, and overhaul, and the permanent works’ construction, renovation, and overhaul management.

8 February, 2020. Russian Science Day

Dear colleagues, friends, scientists, scholars, researchers!

It is our pleasure to congratulate you on Russian Science Day!

High level of science development is the basis for industrial growth and socioeconomic improvement of a nation. May your striving for professional and scientific heights inevitably take you to brilliant discoveries! May you always find success in your research, happiness in your private life, and more opportunities to fulfill your talents and move on!

Giprosintez Design Institute

2 February, 2020. Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad

Dear friends, colleagues, partners!

We are most proud and happy to congratulate you on the Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, one of the most important events in our city’s history. This date is rightfully named the Day of Military Glory. On 2 February 1943, the Soviet Union finally destroyed the Nazi troops in Stalingrad and thereby sealed their triumph in the 200-day Battle and reversed the course of World War II. The heroism of the defenders of Stalingrad is forever in our hearts.

Giprosintez’ Management

27 December, 2019. Happy New Year!

12 December, 2019. Institute Giprosintez Day

8 November, 2019 Happy World Urbanism Day!

4 November, 2019 National Unity Day!

4 October 2019 Giprosintez Took Part in XXVI Russian National Workshop

Giprosintez’ Cost Estimate Department attended XXVI Russian National Workshop ‘New Requirements to Estimation of Construction Costs. GRAND-Smeta 2019 Software Package’. The Workshop was hosted by the Architecture & Construction Institute with the Volgograd State Technical University. The guests of the workshop were shown how to estimate scopes of work and compile work scope lists by means of GRAND-Calculator software, and also became familiar with the new functionalities of GRAND-Smeta 2019 Software Package, a software product meeting the recent requirements to cost estimation on construction projects and the new revisions of applicable Russian laws.

25 September 2019 Giprosintez Design Institute became a member of MezhRegionIzyskaniya

Giprosintez Design Institute became a member of MezhRegionIzyskaniya, a Self-Regulating Organizations Association. Thereby Giprozintez is authorized to conduct engineering survey on capital projects for the construction of hazardous, advanced and unique facilities except nuclear facilities.

24 June, 2019. Giprosintez Confirms Compliance with NOPRIZ’ SRO Membership Criteria

As a member of the self-regulating organization (SRO) MOPOSS, Giprosintez Design Institute has completed the annual audit for compliance with the RF urban planning law, technical regulations and the design documentation development requirements approved by the National Association of Designers and Surveyors (NOPRIZ). The auditors reported no findings and confirmed Giprisintez’ compliance with the self-regulation and SRO membership requirements, including:

- deliverables quality control requirements;

- requirements to performance under design documentation development contracts won by competitive bidding.

30 April, 2019 Labour Day.

7 March, 2019 International women day.

5 March, 2019. QMS Certificate Extended.

Giprosintez Design Institute has successfully taken its quality management system through the recertification audit for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) (quality management system), GOST R ISO 14001-2016 (ISO 14001:2015) (environmental management system), and GOST R 54934-2012 ( OHSAS 18001: 2007) (health and safety system).

The audit resulted in certificates issued for the following activities: design documentation development and development management; engineering surveys affecting the safety of permanent facilities including highly hazardous and technically advanced facilities (except nuclear applications); execution and management of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of permanent facilities (except highly hazardous and technically advanced facilities and nuclear applications).

The Certificate was issued by the certification body Stroitelnye Resursy-Sertifikatsiya. Following the Certificate, Giprosintez received the permit to use the voluntary certification system compliance mark.

It was back in 1998 that Girposintez’ management decided to implement the quality management system. Today the QMS, efficiently maintained and continuously improved, helps the Institute sustain its operations and offer high-quality services to the customers.

20 February, 2019. Happy defender of the Fatherland day.

28 December, 2018 Happy new year and merry Christmas.

30 October, 2018 Successful Accreditation.

On 29 October 2018, Giprosintez was accredited by Bashkir Soda Company as a competent capital construction and modernization contractor, and entered into the contractor database for the following works and services: - design and engineering survey for construction, modernization, and revamp of permanent facilities including hazardous and technically advanced facilities. The acknowledgement of Giprosintez’ competence by Russia’s largest chemical company inspires confidence in the future.

25 October, 2018 Laboratory Certification

On 19 October 2018, Giprosintez’ non-destructive examination and technical diagnostics laboratory was successfully certified. Since the start of operation in 2012, the laboratory performed more than 25 inspections. Coordinated work of our continuously advancing professional team ensures the high quality of building inspection reports. Another proof of the laboratory’s competence and excellent work standards is the positive feedback from Russia’s Glavgosekspertiza.

31 August, 2018. Congratulations on Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Workers Day!

17 August, 2018. Giprosintez Working Team Visits Novosibirsk Military Institute’s Camp .


6 to 11 August 2018, Giprosintez working team visited the camp of I.K. Yakovlev’s Military Institute of Russian National Guard, Novosibirsk.

During the visit, Giprosintez working team collected baseline data, took the measurements of the Military Institute’s club building, and held kick-off meeting with the club management to discuss renovation concepts and concur the design solutions.

On return from the trip, Giprosintez engineers proceeded with the design documentation.

10 August, 2018. Builder’s Day.

9 June, 2018 Russia Day.

27 May, 2018 Day of the chemist.

21 May, 2018 Congratulation on May 9 Victory Day.

21 April, 2018 Creativity and innovations for Giprosintez designs

Giprosintez took part in the ‘Advance of Engineering’ International Conference held to mark the World Creativity and Innovation Day under the auspices of Russian Foreign Ministry and the National Association of Surveyors and Design Engineers (NOPRIZ). Represented at the Conference were Russian Ministry of Construction, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Ministry of Transport, Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian Ministry of Energy, and Russian Ministry of Economic Development. Among the guests were deputies of the State Duma, members of the Federation Council, and the chief executives and chief engineers of design, building, energy, and petrochemical companies. The coverage of Russian laws governing engineering activities found high professional appreciation of the participants. Discussion of BIM-technologies was also very helpful.

29 March, 2018 Work at Giprosintez means challenge and career potential

On 21 March 2018, Civil Engineering Institute with Volgograd State Technical University hosted a Job Fair for students and graduates. At the Fair, potential employers spoke about employment prospects for young engineers. Girposintez was presented there as a major employer that offers challenging and rewarding career options.

3 March, 2018 Cutting-edge imports-substituting solutions for Giprosintez designs

Giprosintez professionals visited the workshop 'Innovations and Imports-Substitution for Valves and Fittings Manufacture' held in Volgograd in pursuance of the imports-substitution goals. Our colleagues enjoyed another opportunity of networking with the industry's leading designers and test engineers, and seeing innovative solutions and products that can be incorporated into Giprosintez' designs.

19 February, 2018 Safing and liquidation of chemical weapons storage and destruction facilities

President Putin instructed Russian Government to come up with proposals for staged safe conversion of chemical weapons destruction facilities before December 2018. To prepare the proposals, Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry sends their officers to visit the chemical weapons destruction facilities and get a better first-hand knowledge of their condition.

Notably, all former chemical weapons destruction facilities are now undergoing the safing and liquidation process supervised by the Federal Directorate for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons. The President has instructed to complement the federal program ‘Industries Promotion and Competitiveness Enhancement’ with the subprogram ‘2019-2024 Safing and Liquidation of Chemical Weapons Destruction Facilities’. Giprosintez Design Institute, being general designer on CWDF projects, is ready and willing to proceed with the job.

Source: www.химразоружение.рф

8 February, 2018 Russian Science Day in Giprosintez

February 8th is Russian Science Day celebrated since 1997, when Presidential Decree dated 7 June established it to mark 275th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences.

This year the traditional events hosted by Giprosintez to respect this day were complemented by a round-table meeting and a video conference. The most recent scientific developments relevant to Giprosintez’ activities were covered and various issues, for instance new intellectual property use details, discussed.

Giprosintez also exchanged greetings with colleague organizations.

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